Dr. Dagli Pet Clinic take every step to provide the best possible care to your pets. It is full services pet clinic that renders care in all sorts of conditions and treatment in medical, dental and surgical issues. Our Animal Doctor in Mira Bhayandar educates and counsel the pet owners on how to keep the pet healthy by giving the proper care and nutrition and also making them exercise regularly. We do provide a calm, soothing and comfortable atmosphere so that the pets can feel relaxed and refreshed. The Animal Doctor in Mira Bhayandar provides 360 degree solutions for all the requirements of the pets. With the wide range of pet products, our clinic is well equipped with the modern and advanced equipment which help the doctors to provide effective results.

Our knowledgeable doctors are geared not only for the treatment and vaccination but also for the dentistry, cataract removal, surgeries, prescription diet, nail cutting and even much more. With the support of our Animal Doctor in Mira Bhayandar, we are able to provide precise services for the pet-related issues. We do help our clients by providing medication, consultation, vaccination and effective care. Also, we, Animal Doctor in Mira Bhayandar ensure to render these services at the affordable costs. Our clinic is equipped with the state of the art equipment where we do provide a number of specialized surgical procedures. We strive to render you with a high-quality veterinary service in a precise manner by consistently focusing on effective communication, correct diagnostics, client education etc.

Along with this, we also maintain a safe and pleasant atmosphere at our clinic while encouraging the big aspect of responsible pet parenting. We do believe in providing one stop solution for all the pet-related issues under one roof. We have a well-experienced Animal Doctor in Mira Bhayandar who are genuinely concerned about your pet’s health. We take an immense pleasure in the professional capabilities of each member of our staff who are carefully chosen not only for their capabilities but also for their love and desire to help pets and their owner. Just like human medicine, veterinary medicine is becoming more sophisticated and complex. Our clinic functions as a resource centre, enable people to make informed decisions about the care of the animals.