By offering a wide spectrum of animal health care procedures, we at Dr. Dagli Pet Clinic provide top class veterinary services to look after your furry friend. Our Oldest and Best Pet Animal Clinic in Mira Bhayandar consist of experienced veterinarians, groomers and animal psychologists who used the approach combined of experts and talented people to relieve pain, fear, and suffering in animals and hence promote their health and well being. Doctors and staff members of our Best Pet Animal Clinic in Mira Bhayandar have devoted animal lovers who put their best efforts in providing unconditional love and care to the pets. We strive hard to offer the best advice and to ease the suffering of the animal by giving the owners a surety about their pets.
Here, we give fist concern to your pet’s well being and happiness. Our Oldest Pet Animal Clinic in Mira Bhayandar offer top quality services by which your companion can recover as soon as possible. Our treatment services include diagnosing the illness, daily routine check-ups and offering accurate medications. Our Best Pet Animal Clinic in Mira Bhayandar highly recommend routinely checkups as they are the best way to keep a consequence on your pet’s health. The main objective of our clinic is to take care of our four-legged patient with tenderness and to serve them an appropriate medical attention. Also, we do provide emergency services which mean if your pet is not well then you can immediately rush to our clinic without worry of time.
The experienced doctor Dr. Nilesh Dagli has been in the same profession for more than 22 years. Along with this, his services are appreciated by all. Every day many clients with their pets visit our Oldest and Best Pet Animal Clinic in Mira Bhayandar. We are specialized in all the services like treatment, deworming, vaccination, diagnosis and health management, breeding advice for pets. Our  Best Pet Animal Clinic in Mira Bhayandar is well equipped for any of the minor and major surgeries, blood collection, blood transfusion, and disease diagnose. Along with this, we also deal with pet-related accessories which can help you in making your pet look good and healthy. Our pet store has a wide range of collection which includes optimum quality food, toys, colors, medicines and other similar accessories.